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It is time to level up your parenting game! This time, there are no “What-Ifs” “Ifs” or “Buts” ! You do not want to repeat the same mistakes that leave you frustrated, yelling, unproductive, overwhelmed, and wondering if your kids were just sent to make your life crazy.

You no longer have to feel confused about what to do. You have access to answers and solutions to these questions and problems, when you work with me.

In my years of experience growing and empowering members at The Vivian Okoye Parenting Academy, I have helped individuals, groups and organizations with young mothers :

  • Ideate, develop and execute parenting plan uniquely suited for each member’s family/parenting needs
  • Find a balance, improve productivity and avoid overwhelm from work and family life
  • Learn and master skills to build connection with their children
  • Learn skills and strategies to improve their children’s behavior
  • Access easy-to-implement products, resources and workshops for their parenting needs
  • Enjoy a safe-space where they can share and learn practical tips for parenting
  • Organize a seamless flow in their family life so that they can be more productive with work.

I work with you to raise a wholesome child of your dreams while building the life of your dreams.

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Are you constantly overwhelmed? Do you feel like you have been dropping the ball, losing your grip on parenting or even losing yourself in the process?

You are not alone in this. But you do not have to do this alone! You need strength and support from an expert who is nurturing a community of conscious parents. If you are overwhelmed with juggling between family life and work life, we show you how to create a personalized plan to integrate both aspects of your life for peace and productivity.

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