PARENTS' SUMMIT AFRICA 2021, 5th Edition, 1st October, 2021 | Zuma Hall, Rockview Hotel, Wuse 2, Abuja, Nigeria | 12 noon

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Parents Summit is an annual event powered by the VIVIANN OKOYE PARENTING ACADEMY to provide premium parenting education to parents for FREE. The initiative was birthed out of the need to support parents with the right skills , resources and knowledge for raising a wholesome 21st century child.

The core vision of our organization is to build a better society through parenting education and parents summit is one platform we have created to help us achieve this.

With this program, we give parents an awakening, an awakening that will cause them to take the path to self transformation and commitment to raising the best version of the children in their care.

We believe that, If we can gain the right knowledge, skills and have access to the right resources, then we would raise better humans and in turn, build a better society.

The change and sustainable development we seek as a society will come when we pay more attention to transformation on an individual and family level. This is the reason we created this platform to create awareness and awakening that has the capacity to change the world. PARENTS SUMMIT AFRICA has committed to doing this since 2017 and we do not intend to stop until we see the world of our dreams materialize.


To provide a platform that equips parents with the awakening, knowledge, skills , strategy and resources for self-transformation and raising a wholesome 21st child


Effect social and societal change through Parenting Education especially to change the narrative of Africa and the African child


Over the past four years we have trained over 10,000 parents through our programs and initiatives. We have been able to do this through funding from VIVIANN OKOYE PARENTING ACADEMY and a few partners and sponsorship.

We believe that with more support, we can make impact. Join us today, as we change the world one family at a time.

You can support us by Volunteering, Sponsoring or partnering to make our event more impactful and have a wider reach.

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