Dr. Vivian Okoye is a firm believer, preacher and executor of parenting as the root of all sustainable development.  A Doctor of Optometry by training, Vivian’s mission transcends her role as a Certified Child Psychologist, a professional Parents’ Coach, a Certified Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner, seasoned speaker and the author of Nigeria’s foremost toddler parenting book ‘’Your Toddler & You’’.

She is the founder of the VIVIAN OKOYE PARENTING ACADEMY: Nigeria’s first full-fledged online parenting school, where she provides parents (especially young parents) with the knowledge, skills and strategies to raise wholesome, balanced and responsible children, in these modern times, without losing their serenity and productivity.

At her regular TODDLER PARENTING BOOTCAMP, young mothers learn more on emotional intelligence and self-awareness needed to keep up with the behavioral demands of their infants, toddlers and preschoolers’.


Vivian is also the convener of PARENTS’ SUMMIT AFRICA, one of the largest parenting conferences in Africa. In the last 4 years, this annual summit convened and mentored hundreds of African parents under the same roof, with thousands streaming online. The event is set up as a platform where parents can gather to have relevant parenting conversations as well as dissect the contributions of parents, parenting and the family unit in nation building and sustainable development.

As the co-creator of the ONE PARENTING PLAN AWAY EXPERIENCE, Vivian commits consistently to training and equipping parents to plan their parenting journey in a way that offers them the necessary skills and structures for raising wholesome kids, whilst building the lives of their dreams.

She also runs an online support community on Facebook called THE CONSCIOUS PARENTS’ COMMUNITY  with over 5,000 parents.

Vivian has graced many stages and spoken ceaselessly on parenting, emotional intelligence, mental health, behaviour management, productivity and sustainable development.  She has  had multiple features  on reputable media platforms like Channels Television Nigeria, British Broadcasting Corporation News Igbo, African Independent Television, Kaftan TV, Nigeria Info FM, Cool FM, just to mention a few. Her work has also been featured on the national daily newspapers like Guardian Newspaper, Leadership Newspaper and Daily Trust. She is currently a feature columnist on the Guardian Newspaper Parenting Column

For Vivian Okoye, investing in purposeful  parenting is our key to becoming better humans, who change the world. Her mantra is, “You can raise a wholesome child, while building the life of your dreams.” As such, Vivian is committed to sustainable development in Africa through parenting education. With thousands of lives transformed through her training and the never-ending testimonials from those who have had contact with her teachings, she is even set to do more, one family at a time.

Vivian’s track history over the years have inspired her current mission greatly. With experiences spanning across years of clinical and community practice in optometry, Eye Care Practice Regulation in Nigeria, teen mentoring and coaching, life and health counselling to vulnerable communities, one should conclude that her commitment to providing parenting education, coaching and counselling is only an extension of patient-centered care that sees beyond the healthcare setting.

She likes to refer to herself as the conscious parent and nation builder.

She is happily married to a very supportive husband, and together, raising two children.