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Personal Coaching


This one-on- one session is a bespoke coaching experience. Tailor-made to help your develop a healthy parenting style, improve your child’s behavior and enjoy parenting with calm.

Thrive through conflict (Affirmations)


We face conflicts with our kids on a regular basis. Often we get stuck,overwhelmed, frustrated and they only thing we would know how to do is to be reactive to burst out with yelling.

These affirmations are sets of powerful words, crafted to help you stay calm in the face of conflicts with your child.

When you say these word meaningfully to yourself multiple times in a day,the words will send signals to your subconscious mind and eventually help you to respond to moments of conflicts between you and you child in a more calm and soothing way.



YOUR TODDLER AND YOU is what I call the toddler parents saviour. It contains valuable, applicable and relatable information gathered from my years of parenting toddlers and coaching hundreds of toddler parents from all over the world.